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What are Chimney Pots?

Chimney pots are the extension of a chimney you can see from outside. Generally used to improve the airflow and combustion within your stove, Ironwood stocks a variety of chimney pots in varying sizes, lengths, shapes and materials. From terracotta chimney pots with square bases to clay chimney pots with roll tops, Ironwood offers a selection of chimney pots to meet both your style preferences and functional needs.

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Benefits of a Chimney Pot

Improve the draught up your chimney with one of Ironwood’s chimney pots. As chimney pots elongate your chimney, they improve the airflow and draft needed for efficient combustion. So, if you’re looking to improve the function of your stove, consider a pot for your chimney if one is not already fitted.

Chimney pots also work to prevent excess drafts or rain from entering your chimney chute. Rain can cause your chimney a number of issues including rust and brickwork deterioration, so installing a chimney pot along with a cowl can be hugely beneficial for the longevity of your chimney.

Types of Chimney Pot

At Ironwood, our clay chimney pots and terracotta chimney pots have been manufactured to withstand the high heat and corrosive fumes released from your stove. Durable and long lasting, our clay chimney pots are used to create pots that are traditional and hard wearing. From the classic cannon head chimney pots to hood top chimney pot inserts, Ironwood supplies a variety of shapes, sizes and styles of chimney pot that suit a selection of purposes.

Red Bank Chimney Pots

As Red Bank have been working to produce high quality clay chimney pots for over 100 years, Ironwood are proud to stock a selection of their unrivalled product range. Having perfected the production method, Red Bank are now able to manufacture clay chimney pots in a variety of shapes and styles, including octagonal pots, ornamental pots and their traditionally decorative chimney pots.

Discover our selection of Red Bank chimney pots.