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Our inset stoves create the perfect ambiance in your room without compromising on space. Ideal for small rooms, our inset stoves are designed to fit into an existing open fireplace or installed into the chimney breast so that only the stove front is visible. Alternatively, they can be installed in feature walls or units to create a masterpiece. Choose from a range of high-quality, woodburning, multifuel or gas, built-in stoves in a variety of designs and features to suit your home and interiors.

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Why choose an inset stove from Ironwood?

We select only the best inset stoves at Ironwood. Our range of inset stoves designed to the highest standard, guarantees quality you can rely on and will stand the test of time. With a variety of inset stove options, shop from renowned brands like Stovax, Dovre and Gazco for an inset stove to complete your room.

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What are the benefits of an inset stove?

Besides being a space-saver, an inset stove is an efficient way to heat your home. Some will have the option of a built-in fan to help distribute hot air back into the room rather than pushing heat up the chimney breast. You may also have the option to distribute the heat into another room, but overall, they all look stylish in your home.

Types of inset stoves

At Ironwood, we offer different types of inset stoves depending on your preference. Our multifuel, woodburning and gas inset stoves are available in a range of different styles, but all exceed the same level of quality.

Choosing an inset stove

Our unrivalled range of inset stoves means that it can be hard deciding which one to choose. We’ve designed our stove selector to help you choose the right one for your home and lifestyle. Our stove selector narrows down your search based on your room dimensions and style requirements.

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